Saturday, April 7, 2007

Datsyuk Resigned by Wings

Pavel Datsyuk was resigned by the Red Wings today for 46.9 million over 7 years or a 6.7 million per year cap average. Quite a bit of money for someone who hasn't done anything in the playoff. The immediate talk is how this will effect how much Gomez is going to get. First off players always get more than the fans and observers think they are going to get. That is because there is the value which most people think a player is worth and this is a value that all the team interested think the player is worth. In order to sign them a team must go over that value because the player is going to get that value offer from the other teams. Thus players get more. So Gomez is going to get more than most of us think he is (or at least will be offered more than we think he will be). That said there is a couple of things to remember, 1 is the cap is going to go up and probably significantly as the players will probably get a higher share. That is going to give the Devils (and the other teams) more money to spend. Secondly Gomez this season has 17 less points than Datsyuk and has struggled this year. That is going to hurt is value. Given what Datsyuk got from the Wings I would guess that Gomez would get around 6-6.5 million per year on the free agent market. That would be a million to a million and half increase over his current salary. Meaning if the cap goes up as expected the Devils would probably be able to afford it. I also think those figures are what each parties were expected anyways going into free agency. This could all be meaningless however as it is rumored that he is looking to go west and closer to home (perhaps Vancouver?) anyways.

Wings' Datsyuk signs 7-year extension- TSN

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