Friday, April 6, 2007

Marty breaks Record, Devils Clinch Division

Well the Devils not wanting to wait till the last day of the season took care of business last night and beat the Flyers 3-2 to clinch the Atlantic. The power play finally decided to show up as the team fell behind earlier but score 2 power play goals to draw even twice. The game winner was scored shorthanded by Jumpin' Jim Dowd (Tom Chorske's nickname not mine) who has always been clutch. The win because it gives the team an extra game to play around with. Which means if Matvichuk can go they will probably be able to send a couple guys down (Jassen, who's hurt, and Greene) and get him a game before the playoffs.

Also the 3-2 win gave Martin Brodeur his 48th win of the season breaking Bernie Parent's single season record for 47 wins. The record breaker has set off the debate on whether an asterisk should be placed next to 48 wins because he set it in a season with shootouts (which guarantees each game has a winner) and to a lesser extent overtime (which didn't exist when Parent played). Here is my take on the whole thing. If you asked me which is more impressive I would say Parent's 47 wins. The shootout did give Marty a huge advantage that Parent didn't have. That said I would not place an asterisk next to the record. The reason being is because an asterisk has such a negative connotation to it when it comes to sports record that it is unfair to place it next this. Especially because the asterisk currently is associated with Barry Bonds and his using steroids to climb up the home run latter. Unlike Bonds, Brodeur and Luongo didn't cheat to get this record. The shootout was something out of their hands. If the NHL was to make the eras separate with anew modern era starting after the lockout fine but an asterisk and what one is associated with should not be place next to Brodeur single season win record.

As for the upcoming playoffs the Devils will be the 2 seed. As of now they will rather face the Lightning or the Rangers. The Thrashers clinched the Southeast tonight and they will get the third seed. If the Rangers beat the Penguins or if Tampa losses again the Devils will play the Lightning.

Devils 3, Flyers 2

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