Saturday, April 7, 2007

Islanders @ Flyers

Ok, I'll try to update my thoughts after each period.

1-0 Islanders 1st Intermission

The Islanders came out flying knowing they need to win this game. Got a quick power play goal by Satan. They almost made it 2-0 on a shot that hit the crossbar and they had a few other chances. Philly had a few chances but the play was mostly in their zone. They seem like they just want to get out of there and hit the golf course. They also did the Islanders a favor by starting Nittymaki who seems lost. The Leafs must love that decision. Despite the play being in the Flyers zone most of the time they have out shot the Islanders 11-8. The Islanders need to start hitting the net.

UPDATE: 3-0 Islanders about half way through the second.

The Islanders once again got a quick power play goal from Yashin a minute or so into the Period. The Islanders scored again about half way through the period to make it 3-0. This game is all but over. The Devils depending on what happens tonight might control Toronto's destiny.

UPDATE 2: 3-1 Islanders as the 3rd is starting.

Flyers got a second period goal to make it a two goal game. They are getting some chances so this could be a good finish.

Update 3: Still 3-1 Islanders little over 3 minutes left in the game.

Eager took a penalty then went screaming at the refs, got a double minor and a misconduct he is done for the game. Isles on power play for the rest of the game. That will ice it they will win and will need Toronto to win tonight.

Update 4: 3-1 Islander 2:54 to go

Idiot Poti took a penalty. 4 on 4 Flyers. pull the goalie.

Update 5: 3-2 Islanders little over a minute to go

Flyers took a penalty but score shorthanded. Still have a chance to win.

Final: 4-2 Islanders

Poti gets the empty net to seal it. Strong the game by the Islanders but a poor third period. Now they need Toronto to win tonight. Nightmare scenario for the Islander is that game is tied late in the game and Toronto has to pull their goalie and Montreal gets the empty net winner.

Canucks-Sharks in 30, then at 7 it's a bunch of games mainly though Toronto-Montreal.

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