Sunday, April 8, 2007

Devils to Face Lightning in Round 1

Well the playoff match up is set, with their shootout loss to Atlanta Tampa clinched the 7th seed and will play the Devils in round 1. The series will probably begin on Thursday. The season series between the two was a lackluster one that lacked intensity. The first game Tampa won in a shootout, the second was a Devils shutout, third was a Tampa blowout, and the final was Tampa beating the Lowell Devils. Tampa won the season series 2-1-1 but each team only had 1 quality win over each other. Tampa has struggled recently and have probably the worst goaltending going into the playoffs. If the Devils can actually hit the net (which is a struggle sometimes) they should win it easily. Unless of course Madden and Pandolfo get hurt and then Lacavier and St. Louis can run wild. That said Devils in 5 maybe 6.

As for other happenings last night Toronto beat Montreal in a sloppy game. That means Toronto needs the Devils to beat the Islanders today. There has been a lot of talk of will Brodeur play. I would like to see him play because if he doesn't it would be a week between starts which is to much for him. That said if the game should go to the shootout Cam Janssen should take a shot. It would be funny if he got the game winner and put Toronto in the playoffs. However he would probably miss which means that Toronto would probably be knocked out which is a plus.

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